Our Stock Cabinets are ready to go when you are!

We want to ensure that if you are looking for an easy way to quickly renovate your income property, need a kitchen or vanity in a hurry, or just want basic cabinetry for your space then we have you covered! We have put together a great offering of commonly sized cabinets in a classic shaker style to suit your needs.

Base Kitchen Cabinets

Our base kitchen cabinets are 34 5/8″H to create a 36″ total height once installed with counter tops. They come with integrated, recessed toe kicks that can be finished with the installation of toe kick plates following installation. There are a variety of sizes and type of cabinets in our stock cabinetry line-up but if there is something we are missing you can always Contact Us or Get a Quote for Made-To-Order Cabinetry, that way you can add matching or complimentary cabinetry to your stock cabinet order!

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Check Out Our Clearance Center for Special Deals!

Wall Cabinets

The bulk of our stock wall cabinetry is 30″H to suit an overall top alignment of 84″, though we also have a few cabinets that can be used to build-in your refrigerator, go above your range, or accommodate a perimeter sink. If you need cabinetry in a size or configuration we don’t offer in stock you can always get a couple cabinets from our Made-To-Order Kitchen Craft line!

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Panels, Fillers, & Other Parts

These components will be great additions to finish off your cabinetry designs from toe kick right up to the top trim, we have the parts you need to make your kitchen look great!

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Vanity Cabinets

Our stock vanity cabinetry is of the same great quality and style as our stock kitchen cabinetry. The main different is the height of the cabinet box – our vanity cabinets are 31 5/8″H to create an approximate overall height of 33″ from the floor our you install your counter tops!

The combination vanities provide maximum storage for smaller bathrooms, but for large spaces you could double-up these units or create your own configuration using a mix of door cabinets and the 3-drawer bank vanity cabinets.

(Don’t forget to add fillers at the wall and toe kick to cover the unfinished bottoms!)

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