Cabinet Refacing
at DIY Cabinet Warehouse

Spruce up your kitchen without breaking the bank!

If your layout is decent and the cabinets are in good shape, then your kitchen is an excellent candidate for refacing, and saving you money!

We offer a full range of cabinet doors and drawer fronts, finished and ready to install.  Everything is made to order to your specifications. All we require is a list of the doors you need and we can have them made for you. And, we can also order in all of the parts you’ll need to complete a refacing project from panels to fillers, mouldings, toekicks – the whole works. We can even get you thin veneer material to cut & fit to cover the existing sides of your cabinets.  

 Here are some tips on how to manage some of the trickier parts of a refacing project:

getting started

We can order doors made to measure in almost any size.  While we’re restricted to the styles & finishes our manufacturers have, since we deal with different suppliers we’re often able to find something that closely matches what you already have.  If you need a new door or want to add on to an existing Kitchen Craft, Urban Effects or Cabinetsmith kitchen, we can also help you out there.  We can order in new doors to replace an old, damaged one, or order new cabinets to match the ones you already have.

We make completing a refresh on your kitchen simple and easy. When you’re ready, fill out our form here to begin.


Create a list of all the doors and fronts you need, with the sizes.  The standards we use are width x height, in inches.


List all of the panels, toekicks, fillers and other mouldings you may need to complete the refacing work.  5/8” panels are available in a few standard sizes, and are designed to be cut to fit on site.  We’ll recommend the closest standard size to suit your needs.


Select the door style and finish you would like and send us your list! We’ll get a quote together for your new refacing project as quickly as possible.

cabinet end panels

If there is enough space the easiest way to handle exposed sides of cabinets is to apply a new 5/8” end panel.  These panels are usually made deeper than the box and will end up flush with the front of the doors/drawers and so will completely cover the exposed end.

veneer sheets

If there is not enough room for a panel, a thin sheet of veneer can be applied to cover the exposed cabinet ends.

the power of paint

We feel the easiest way to handle both exposed cabinet ends that can’t accept an end panel and the edgebanding on the cabinet boxes is to paint them.

If you are using a solid colour finish on your new doors, then a matching paint applied to those edges and sides will be the quickest and easiest way to keep the colour consistent.

Using a high quality high adhesion primer is key, your local paint store can help you out there. You can also look into local painting companies that specialize in cabinet refinishing.

You can also have your existing doors painted, although the costs are quite high, in some cases almost the cost of a new replacement door!

hinge relocation

It’s highly unlikely that the standard hinge placement of our doors will match your existing cabinets. 

The options then are to either relocate the existing hinge plates, or to drill the new doors on site to suit the current hinge position.  We have an excellent drilling jig available to rent for this purpose.